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Valves on your Water Heater
What is the brass valve on my water heater?
That is the Temperature and Pressure (T&P) relief safety device that keeps the heater from exploding.

Capping the T&P
Can I cap the T&P?
No, if you see it leaking, call a service technician.

Toilet Leaks
I see water around my toilet.  Is the seal leaking?
Most of the time it’s the tank bolts that bolt the toilet to the floor that leak.  Feel around the tank and see if you can feel or see water at the bolts.

Stains at the Base of your Toilet
I have a brownish/yellowish stain around the base of my toilet.  What is it?
It’s urine.  A seal leak will not show that color.

Hot Water
Why does my hot water run out so fast?
A. It could be one of three things: thermostat, element or the flow restrictor in the showerhead has been removed.  All shower heads come with a pressure of 2 gallons per minute, which means that a 40 gallon water heater will run out of hot water in 17 minutes, using 34 gallons.  As the hot water runs out, cold is coming in and mixing with the hot at the bottom of the heater.  That’s why you don’t get the full 40 gallons of purely hot water.

General Plumbing and Pipes
Where does all my plumbing run?
Honestly, I can’t tell you because without searching, there is no way to know.  Every house can be plumbed differently so your house’s sewer and water can be totally different from your neighbor’s.

Clogs and Water Backing Up
The water is backing up in my tub. What does this mean?
Most of the time there is excess hair caught in the drain. You should clean out the drain once a month by removing the plug and using needle nose pliers to pull all the hair and debris out of it.

Clog in a Line
When I flush my toilet, the water comes up in my tub.  What does this mean?
You have a clog in the line. If you are on a septic tank, the tank could be full.

Low Water Pressure
I have low water pressure. What does this mean?
Usually it means that you have trash in the aerator. This is on the end of your faucet, which you can remove and clean.

Free Tip

Drain-O vs. Home Remedies
Free tip:
Drain-o really doesn’t work that well. By flushing your drains with hot water and dishwashing liquid once a week for 5 minutes, you will have less chance of a clog. Mix two good squirts in a gallon bucket of water and pour down all drains. Then let hot water run for 5 minutes. Of course, you still have to be careful about what goes down the drain besides water!

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